DIY: Baby Swing Homemade

By Mini Me | Baby Swing Advice

Baby Swing Homemade
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We saw those really cool baby swings that were lost with the dowels, and they were hundred dollars each, and we thought we could build that we’re going to do our best attempt we’re going to try you know that we’re DIY liars, and we like to do things ourselves hate to steal your idea.

So we’ll show you guys what we’re doing, and we went to Lowe’s today, and we got two of these what are these ones in a quarter-inch down so, you need eight feet oh you need at least okay, so we’re going to cut those down, and then we got some rope 20 feet of 20 feet of rope, and then clamps for the rope, and then this ring and the hook, so we’ve got all our goodies so let’s see what we can do alright so first things…

First, we got to cut these dowels down two feet creates each bit just needs to drill a hole straight through the following hopefully straight I don’t have a drill press I need to cut these two all right but one thing you can do is to one leave your tape measure at the whole time, I just marked it in the wall which is our door to here while he’s been that way activate some assistance.

So we’ll take that piece then we use a ring clamp I mean these rope clamps will individually do each one I’ve just taped it to make it sit still if you can’t find these I guess you could just use that tape don’t use tape that’s not safe, so we’re done in the workshop and for the fabric pieces we will be heading over to our great friend’s house, and we will let you guys follow along.

We went and got this fabric from Hobby Lobby its duck fabric which is cheaper than indoor outdoor fabric but still good for outdoors so – what was it two feet – two yards I am – used to building stuff and not sewing stuff so here we go now the watchers what we do so correctly.

I cut these two feet which are going for it and they’re supposed to be 16 so there’s 16 inches we have a long we’re going to have two and the rope was really hard to get through here so we’re gonna have to take it all apart and go cut it and then redraw all on one side and then we’ll have a swing, okay we got it all fixed putting the ropes back through again but the cool thing about this I mean house look how small that is.

I’m excited to go camping now that’s nice pretty good pretty versatile, okay y’all here’s the baby’s room people have been asking about our theme and we don’t really have anything on the walls yet we have our sweet baby sign that we’re gonna hang we’re going with a farmhouse theme we will not be keeping the stuffed animals there we’ll probably put blankets in that keep bag keep basket but look how perfect it’s coming together wonderfully we’ve got our little rug here and our toys so let’s talk about our cute little swing back here can’t say the word cute newcomer my last duty are a youth or acute a hundred times this amazing adorable fantastic beautiful awesome swing.

It’s perfect it’s so cute we do know though that we would probably sell these for $100 because even though that sounded crazy to us at first Monday there’s a lot of work there’s well it’s not I mean it’s a pretty good amount of material and a pretty good amount of work so when it comes down to it $100 is fair and we didn’t have any other tools to do this no we had to do a lot of extra I mean I can drill some holes and cut some wooden dowels but that’s it yeah oh and I did mess up in the video, I cut the dowels at Two feet they’re not to feel they’re 16 inches when we first did it looked like a hammock or like a trampoline you could jump like it was straight well post a little Pinterest thing that we followed in the comments but other than that we had a great time building this we are definitely wanting to build some more because that was a really fun project yeah we’re going to build one for our friends baby who you got to see in the video, and she’s adorable, and then we’ll probably do some more if we get some orders to let us know what you guys think.