Elephant Baby Swing:Fisher-Price Cradle’n Swing Review

By Mini Me | Baby Swing Reviews

this is the Elephant Baby Swing that i buy it from amazon store
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Hi everyone, so I want to talk to you guys about the Elephant Baby Swing, so I know how to review the bouncer and also the rocker but baby is getting more to those and there’re some limitations on using them, and so I wanted to get something that’s more automatic that are me to like I have manually have to push it or to move in so that the rocker works or the bouncer works, so I want something that’s more electronic or automatic that.

I just for the push of a button also the baby is gaining weight as you can see you have to wear this brace because now I’m getting the mommy thumb that have so much repair repetitive motion especially trying to point to sleep that I’m he needs to be in my arms all the time I wanted a product to kind of help me alleviate the timing to put into sleep so hopefully the swing would help, so I got this one the fisher-price sweet snug a puppy dream cradle and swing so quite a new swing is one of the very more one of the most popular swings out there so the one I got is the snuggle puppy and which is the puppy face but I also seen that the sign for a snuggle bunny I’ve seen the elephant safari.

I seen something serenity and so the penny of the design I there is a different price point, so I’ve seen it I’ve slowed us 109 dollars, so I got this one for about 106 or 109 dollars at the time of this filming and I guess it was on sale but typically it cost about one hundred fifty-three dollars there oh that the signs that cost 135 and so on so it really depends on the design of the cradling swing but hopefully they all about the same it’s just that the sign is different, so I’m gonna start off with opening and unboxing the swing and then try to assemble it and then after that and when it puts when I show or talk about a review on the swing and see if the baby likes it is if it’s worth it to keep it alright, so I’m gonna start in right now so this is the motor for this swing and this is the on and off button and here this is powered by either by the adapter that connects to an outlet or by four batteries in a size D and you can also adjust how strong you on this wing so you want to swing that little stronger than you just press the plus button if you wanted less motion than you just minimize it and here is the volume for the sounds, so we got the night songs and then there is like daytime song which is like playtime and then this is like the cricket song well the sound cricket sound whether you should play at night to kind of mimic night-time and here this is just for to move the mobile a most basically for the motor so if I press the mobile it’s just moves this so the baby can actually watch at the bottom here the dome is actually a mirror and you cannot see it here.

In the video but the little mirror comes in actually it retains the baby to flirt himself or to see himself, so he and really likes to look at the mirror at the bottom here or the little figures so there are different positions here you just have to press me and then turn and it equals the other side it goes for instead of side to side, and then we could do the other side, but he seems to like the side-to-side better all right so while the baby’s sleeping or taking a nap.

this Elephant Baby Swing also i buy it from amazon store

We’re just gonna make a quick review of this fisher-price swing Crider and swing I love it oh he sneezed oh that’s you and so I love it because you know for the longest time I had to figure out how to create over him to sleep or rocking to sleep because he we give him naps every three hours every two to three hours but look at this I have mommy’s thumb and with some sort of carpal tunnel syndrome and you know it’s painful, so I need something to help me and so this is one way to help me swing him or rock him to sleep in sand than we could transition to the crib or just leave them there for like an hour nap or so what do you think well personally yeah it does worry it’s supposed to rock the baby to sleep and take a lot of burden well how hands literally there’s a downside to if it’s kind of hard to assemble a little bit harder figure out because some of the parts in their look kind of similar, but they really only be attached one certain way, so we took a look at while for us to figure out how to correct when you assemble the unit of elephant baby swing.

It’s a great bonding time and yeah it’s also bulky and once you set it in one places you don’t really want to move it a lot of much so that’s why I can think about the Cons of the machine yourself and plus it’s fisher-price, so they have a lot of recalls and stuff if you haven’t noticed be very mindful off this part of when you purchase it especially you check the recallers and whatnot to make sure that one day yeah it’s not on the recall list yes especially now they just came on article that all the inclined sleepers they are being recalled and so yeah it’s just gotta be careful in general.

I will not recommend this for long-term naps so if I put my son into a swing I probably put it for one hour to two hours maximum adjust for naps and always watching him but this frames frees me a lot to do my shores no dishwashing pump parts name it just a quick to the bathroom and come back or just you know having yourself to read or have some leisure watch what is your time watching TV and so or eating yeah or cooking but this is great just to kind of give us one hour just to give us that free time yeah but yes just be careful when all these products is not as you know a magical solution to everything but yeah safety is a concern for us but I think at this point we’re gonna keep it in that but not for now yeah right now and I do recommend it.

Especially if you need some help to rock the baby to say like me yeah it definitely helps to put the baby to take a nap or sleep but you do not want to keep the baby in there for long it’s there to help you but not to replace you just keep that in mind mm-hm so anyway that’s our review about elephant baby swing for the putter its lf well.