Portable Baby Swing Ingenuity n Go [Hugs & Hoots]

By Mini Me | Baby Swing Reviews

portable Baby Swing
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Hi everyone today we are going to review the ingenuity portable baby swing options which are part of the portable baby swing itself this button is on the left side is turned off and pushing it to the right side is turning it on so when the swing is turned on we have the light bulbs on the top of the circle button lighting which are indicating the different speeds of the swing itself and you can see that the time of swing and should stabilize and the movement will continue on the left side we have the button which is for the time the first bulb shows indicate the 30 minutes and a middle one indicates the 45 minutes and third light is indicating 60 minutes in case you don’t want any of those to be used.

portable Baby Swing
portable Baby Swing

We can leave it without turning it off and basically you can see going through them and if you press the fourth time it will turn it off and it will swing infinitely time until they stop it or the batteries are out then what we have so far here is yeah obviously it’s good option to have this timing in case we don’t want to be more than 30 minutes and we can rest while the baby is swinging and sleeping so we can adjust it and on the right side we can see two buttons where the top is measuring the volume of the songs and the below button is changing the different songs so far we have 11 songs how.

I’m saying songs where they are sounds 11 different sounds integrated and you can switch them and you can play with the volume of those sounds and we can start basically to select them and switch between them and adjust the volume and basically yeah the starting the swing with the big circle button it will start to make the Portable Baby Swing moving and we can select different speeds then we can go select the time and then obviously we can go and try to – yeah adjust it based on our needs and situation and we can move further with the different sounds which we will have the swing speeds it was on the first level so far now we can move it to the second and you can see that the second light is blinking that’s done because it’s transitioning from the first speed to the second and until stabilized the speed on the second and it’s gonna do that same activity each time we increase the speed because that’s like it is to gain speed and to reaching that speed level and it’s pretty smooth.

I would say first, three speeds are pretty smooth enjoying seeing that and obviously with the speeds after the middle one the third one is getting a bit faster which I dub that it’s ideal at least for newborns but still compared to a lot of other swings.

It’s great because it has a magnetic mechanism below the seat and there is no motor inside of it so it makes it smooth and silent movements that are not disturbing at all the baby and you can see here the full speed of the swing itself is not the fastest.

I would say but it’s not too slow and it’s pretty silent so the kids pretty much enjoy it and if you now press the button because we already turn it off on a speed level and if you press the button to select the specific speed at the from the beginning then the swing will the magnetic mechanism will slow down to stabilize it.

On the first speed level have you moved to the sounds and we can increase the different levels of the sound there is only one thing I would say if you continuously press the volume button that will turn off the sounds and it will increase or decrease it depends on the options but the negative side of this.

You can see what I’m touching currently is the speaker itself is integrated behind the holder thereof the buttons and the speaker sprit is small which makes these sounds even on a maximum sound level to not be that enough if there is noise around the baby around the room or the house so this is.

I would say the only – I can see but yeah it’s nothing more than that other than that the Portable Baby Swing itself is pretty good for its price that’s all from me for today.