What Is the Weight Limit for a Baby Swing: Ensuring Your Baby’s Safety

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what is the weight limit for a baby swing
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Newborns need a lot of nurturing and love during the first few weeks at home. It’s a big adjustment for your little one, as well as you. Most parents learn early on that a baby swing can mimic the womb’s rocking motion, which is soothing to a baby.

But, what is the weight limit for a baby swing? Many parents wonder how long they can use the device safely, so we will answer that question for you.

What Is the Weight Limit for a Baby Swing?

Most swings are designed for babies based on weight, though some of them talk about length and age. Let's look at both.

Weight Limits

Most baby swings have many bells and whistles, so it’s a challenge to use them. Of course, your primary concern is safety, so if you want the machine to help your baby fall asleep, you need something with enough motion, but reliable.

Thus, it’s best to consider a full-sized swing, even though you can find mini or portable swings on the market. Larger machines have a wider base, which helps prevent tipping and other issues. It might also be best to look for one with a plug-in feature to prevent you from having a cranky baby and constant charging and searching for batteries.

Most manufacturers include a weight limit for the device, so it is best to read that information before making your purchase. Weight limits usually range from six pounds up to 25 pounds. Therefore, if your baby was born prematurely, you might need to wait a bit before you can safely use the swing.

Some swings are safe for babies up to 30 pounds. At this point, though, your little one is likely to want to move around independently and might not like the swing anymore.

Age Limits

Most manufacturers do not use age limits because it is best to go by weight when dealing with a swing. Nevertheless, almost half of all boys reach the weight limit of 25 pounds by the age of 16 months. Girls are likely to reach 25 pounds at about 20 months old.

Most newborns can start using their swing the moment they arrive home from the hospital. If your swing is suitable for babies who weigh 5.5 pounds or more, you’re probably safe. You’ll know how heavy your baby is upon birth before you leave the hospital.

Premature babies might be too little for the swing, but they will likely have to stay in the hospital until they reach five or six pounds. Hence, you can usually take your baby home and use the swing almost immediately.

Again, it’s best to go by the weight limit on the swing. It’s also important to use the most reclined position your baby can stand to prevent suffocation from slumping or slouching.

what is the weight limit for a baby swing

Other Considerations

Apart from the weight and age limits, here are some considerations to ensure your baby's safety in the swing.


Most baby swings come with endless features which you may or may not need. Of course, the more bells and whistles on the swing, the more expensive it becomes. Thus, it’s essential to look at the options and determine what you want for your little one.

In most cases, babies want side-to-side motions for sleeping. Most swings offer this, but some focus primarily on front-to-back movements. This is ideal for playtime so that you can do some chores, but you might want a product that offers both.

Toys might also be included on the swing, such as a mobile, mirror, and balls. Make sure these items are high enough so that your baby can’t accidentally grab them. If that happens, your little one might try to eat them and choke.

The swing is likely to come with different speeds and vibrations, as well. You should always start on the lowest setting and work your way upward. This is ideal for babies who like to move quickly while playing and slowly when resting.

Swings for Older Babies

If your baby is reaching the 25-pound mark, you may wonder if you can still use the swing safely. It’s not recommended to do so because the device can tip over. Your baby is now old enough to wiggle and move, as well as sit up alone.

Some manufacturers do make swings which can house 30-pound babies. It is considered safe to use them up to that mark, but you should watch your little one carefully. Plus, your baby might start fussing more because they don’t need the swing.

If you want to find a swing for bigger babies, you’re likely going to find it hard to do so. Most devices are designed to be lightweight and easier to set up. Once your baby reaches 15 to 25 pounds, they are likely to want to move on the floor and start learning how to stand.

Parents who need a swing for babies up to 30 pounds should make sure it has a three- or five-point harness. That way, your baby stays put and remains safe while swinging.


Every baby is different, and they all grow at different paces. Some are more active than others, while some like the swing motion more than others. Therefore, it’s best to use your judgment to determine when your little one has outgrown the swing.

So, what is the weight limit for a baby swing? Most manufacturers say between 5.5 and 30 pounds, but it’s up to you to know what is safe for your little one.

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